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sad but true ( fix your kid if you do not want this to happen )

Cara and I broke up around two damn months ago you would think I would be over talking about it by now right. But I was thinking of sending her a letter to make her feel good, I mean I did end it because i couldn’t get my self to like her kid again. I feel bad about that, but what am I going to do be miserable the rest of my life so I don’t hurt someone’s feelings. I almost did it..! The kid was unbearable, it sucked because she was not always like  that just the last couple of months after she found out how to lie and throw fits when she does not get her way, you can thank her staying at her grandma’s all day thanks to Cara sleeping till one pm. Well to give the girl a break she did work from 2 am untill 6 am but I did too and didn’t sleep all that much that is nasty to me sleeping like that, makes me resent sleeping.

I am not writing this to complain about them because I did love them, I just wanted to say I think I am going to write her a nice letter pointing out all the things I loved about her. Which there was more things I loved than didn’t but one of the things was a big deal THE KID

When her and I were alone we had the best times until the end when she just slept when we were alone, and sex yuck I hated it with her I felt like she was rapping me, and what was baffling was she thought it was great. anyway I do want her to feel good she is an awesome person that I do love.

Plus I think that what I put forth will help get me happy again on the inside. Another words instead of hurting her I want to make her feel good.

Too many people when they break up want to crush their X, not me I feel worse doing that though sometimes I enjoy it, but looking back I hate when I do it so no more of that for me.

Well I think I am done writing for you and I am going to write a nice letter saying how much I do care and how great she is. Which she really was, she was personality wise a great girlfriend , but her kid is so annoying I can’t take it.. Sad but true and the kid loves me .. Once again SAD but TRUE



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