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Israel just like appartied South Africa

You know what bugs me.. If you mention that what Israel does wrong to the Palestinian People .. You are labeled,  can people not see what the government of Israel is doing to its people by brainwashing them saying everyone hates jews and they have to be ready for war. That is a Zionist agenda and it’s ethnic cleansing is wrong, it’s not Jews but the Jewish leadership. They teach hatful ways, and they are nuclear armed. We should put sanctions on them,. I am a follower of our King ( not our God) YESHUA son of JAH .. I worship JAH, so I understand where the Zionist come from, no not come from but think the way they do. The way they do it by using lethal forth  just like a NAZI

I say Israel Grow up .. Get over it it won’t happen again, but you are harming people in the same manner your just disguising it better


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