I wonder why

It’s seems not fair. But it’s thought and it’s my own.

Where did it come from and

I wonder why it even appeared

with such unmistakable, pure, soul-destroying ( my own )


not a prejudice hate, and thank JAH

cause I could not live with that..

But it was hate for someone..

Just one person.

Who I loved as well.. !

Not in a relationship way by far.

Than I started see

things very clear

Their souls spoke to me

Not all

but some

And the one’s that

had hate I could feel it’s misery

But thank JAH I only have that


feeling for one person

one other person I do not hate but in my eyes I can not hate him


1 you have to had been  loved, loved someone  or still love someone in order order to hate that person

2 he in my eyes is lower than a human so.. I feel more sorry than hate him.. Cause what he has to

live with is just sick, utterly sick.

Every glance in the mirror he knows its him ..

and nothing could be worse than that

so in order to hate a person like that may wipeoutyour soul—-p


eyes mmmm them eyes

Those yes, hm hate is what I had seen and that shit scared me.. All i could think was no can’t be

not in her, but yeah it was.. Than all I could think was REALLY JAH REALLY.. I knew that the demons were hanging on to them, ready to strike at just the right moment, maybe there was something I could have done. It was  starting the process that I couldn’t see getting going to many interferences..

Then I started to really dislike you.. For that I’m sorry but you had that kind of personality but with demons whispering in your ear, you were unbearable..

Satin took something from me, in the time period of you and Reds transformation to evil.. Which you’re not there yet but I just have no clue what to do … I hate you and I need love to help you guys.. I pray that it will change


Don’t worry I will writ e something tomorrow I have been slacking I know .. I love to write , just write about nothing.. Basically that is my day. I like to get a few points across and that’s it !! Writing is my art, some draw, some play sports.. Me I write.….!…. yup ………. that’s what the hell I do is ….. write….


I met me a group of Jehovah Witness people today who gave me a magazine with a good article that I read and wrote my train of thought on that article .. I am glad they showed up and I gave them this address to this blog.. I just wanted them to see  tis first cause one of the articles from the mag they gave I elaborated on.. 

Those people are on track, it’s just so annoying when they knock on doors.. But if you listen to them they are right on, and to top it they are organized religion with-out lots of the BS .. Even though I am my on temple and so are you but I do need to fellowship, no telling  what i may learn. Like today I read that and even though I knew the things they said, I learned it deeper and elaborated for my readers….

So that is that

I am going to try out their thing they have going on, cause I do like the lady and I think I can gain wisdom which I can apply to my walk with JAH.. Another thing I have been reading an ancient text by a Jew name SIRACH.. His book is focused on Wisdom and forgiveness of sin through well read his book.. But I will say this he is in the Catholic bible, as well as a few others. Look for bibles which have this in it


Soak that up and later I’ll tell you why they are not in all bibles.. 

peace my friends

the self-prophet 🙂

Now for the ladies who came to speak with me a the bus stop, beautiful thing is mam all my bus’s where late, if they were on time I would not have spoken with you !! Plus reading those books gave me as idea for the articale named sin.. THANK YOU LADIES

Our world today is a world led by greed and selfishness. No matter who you are these emotions are dwelling inside of us, no matter WHO you are! The degree in which we handle or ignore these feelings sway us towards or away from sin.. Even things we look at as good could be driven by selfish ambition . So I was thinking depending on how we use our greed and selfishness, they may be good tools to use even for good not just bad..  Because with-out wanting something for our-selves could create laziness its human nature to want a reward, keeps one motivated.. But when it ( selfish tendencies ) get put before JAH‘s wants for us.. Like helping one in need, or even a few kind words towards someone gets forgotten because of our own selfish desires, that is when it becomes a problem.

When we start getting the things that we want us as humans like it as a matter of fact we love it.. And that there may create and it will the want for more and more money and possessions, and then the hunger for power comes about.. When money is in the picture the power game becomes more and more important to us. Money does not just buy physical things it brings you power or the illusion of power and just like with the desire for more money and possessions the even stronger desire for more power come into play.

By this time JAH is a fleeting thought in one’s mind, and helping somebody when it comes to interfering with your selfish power hungry ways just will not happen

Freedom is fake sayeth Israel

English: A two-ship of Israeli Air Force F-16s...

English: A two-ship of Israeli Air Force F-16s from Ramon Air Base, Israel, head out to the Nevada Test and Training Range, July 17 during Red Flag Exercise 09-4. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 have always loved the book of Daniel in the word of JAH.. I love when he says only bring me vegitables, no flesh of the swine or any other animal. Daniel told the king that he would be healthier than his own soliders of these veggies.. Daniel kept the faith and he outshined the kings men.. Praise be what a great story. What does that story teach a person who follows the Lord..

Tells us to have faith, to always come to JAH not only when you are in need but when an opertunity arises to show the power of the ALL-MIGHTY.. You see I know why The new age Israeli‘s are stealing land, the see it as their’s through the word of JAH.. And really they are right, but JAH does not want them to take it by harming others that have nothing to do with the conflict other than living there..

The new age ZIONESTS make their enemys hate our GOD.. It says pray for your enemy and I surley shall not for-sake you sayeth JAH LORD


Thing I love about the times we live in is how we can have two lives,
(and I say  this with-out being a weirdo just hear me out ) our on-line and real life.. Every-one has the two who use computers it’s how deep our on-line persona is that makes it un-healthy. Now you have your people whose on-line life differs a great deal from reality. Then you have the ones who differs a great deal but only because they are so deep into a certain game they spend way too much time in that area of life, than there is me I differ a great deal but only because of games and my online life interacts with my reality. What I am saying is a enjoy a few games and I spend money at times to make my character or war base better but I don’t obsess over it… I am me when I speak with people on-line so that is one way my reality and on-line life react with each other.. Then you have people who just use face book and things like that and they may become a little different on-line than they are in reality , than you have the people who just check e-mail and maybe buy things..

I think it just makes life more interesting living in times like these, a dork can become super stud never even meet a hot girl in reality but talks to one across the country and they are even loyal to each other.. Their sex I guess would be porn and idk maybe phone sex. Thing is they are happy well I guess  they are they keep doing it. Life is great and it takes all kinds to make an earth, we have to let ppl bE them.

And that is the real reason for this post. I say no matter what if it’s not hurting you let your fellow human do them. If we make fun of or hurt someone for being them than we are hiding a few bones in the closet. I love life at times and I feel bad for people who do not have the social skills to get married at be happy in that way, feel loved is what I am saying. Now we have the internet and now they can have someone care even if they don’t  see them. Leave them alone I’ll tell you why…

They are the people who get fed up with life and start killing people ..




Cory Ondrejka of Second Life

Cory Ondrejka of Second Life (Photo credit: Esthr)

Consumption !!?

what is it ?

where did it come from??

this,this music,


what shall i think

should i think at all,






am i, why yes i am

i’m i’m floating

the music where is it taking me

spinning round and round

is that love i see

no pain….

why yes

it’s reaching out

it wants to hold

s o m e t h i n g

it’s reaching out for something

something to hold

i’m disapearing



a m


g o i n_