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It hits me like a rock !!!!

Since this stupid new computer that actually kicks ass does not have a writing program my lap-top and the other desk top had, now my book is a little screwed.. But really no problem. We are going to print segments and I will re-write them so they can be edited, and don’t worry the plot is safe then. Yeah editing it by hand gives it more of the artist hand in it, and isn’t that what I really want. Than it’s much more up in my face. I can feel the words speaking to me and actually make sure the words are what the universe wants in my book, which I hope can help others.. Which besides the fact that ppl will be reading my art that is what I really want from this book. I want all you people out there who do not give a person out of prison or maybe someone who looks like a criminal a chance.. This book lets you into the world of a man who is yes an X con but the key letter is X.. No one wants to give people like me a try. ( even though I look nothing like a criminal)

Really that is also the point in this good old blog.. Anyone who reads my work or speaks to me likes me it’s a given. And it hits me like a rock when I see that ? on applications that I must fill out on-line. Yes that is right the old felony question.. Than u know what happens after that the application is not even taken seriously.. And that my followers is why you must look at the heart and take a risk. Australlia was a prison colony and look at them now ..

It hits me like a rock !!!!


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