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So I have me a new job, which is great but it’s a very tough job in the field of sales. Not really my thing but I am selling appointment slots. So it’s not like I am selling used cars or insurance just appointments for our REP to sell you beds.. Not just any bed, and easy rest adjustable sleep unit. This job is a cut throat mean buisness. But really

our beds help many people with their ailments.

Now on to another subject. One I hit on often. CARA. Now when I last wrote I was going tpo send her a letter, but I did not and I am glad I didn’t. She has gone of the deep end !! Well I guess you could say she had been taking her meds and is opening up more. That medicine she has been taking made her so different she is not even the same girl I met. I guess that is another sad but true. I guess it helps her feel more comfy but to  me she acts like a loud mouth idiot. Maybe that is really her and the MEDS just allow it to come out.. Anyway glad it wasn’t out when I was with her cause this “new” Cara sucks and I am glad that I am away from her and that idiot kid,who when I was speaking with her I could hear the kid in the back cryiong and whinning over something .. THANK JAH NO MORE OF THAT CHILD, I HATE TO BE THAT WAY BUT DAMN..


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