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Now let me say this.. I have something exciting for you to read… I wrote this from pure emotion at work… It’s random and just what was written as I sat there waiting for  my next call to come through .. I have not read it yet as I write it on here I am reading it for the first time, but I will not change any-thing, this came from my inner soul, no thinking only writing what came to mind

Well I am here at work, I want to be very successful here I do not want to fail the woman next to me just got a hit DAMN IT .. That is so f’d up she got a hit or hit the board I should say and I can’t even get an appointment..! Plus I keep hanging up on people by accident.. I neet to get a success . So disappointed .. Hell yeah GOT ME ONE.. WOO HOO.. And I hope that it hits the damn board..Damn that woman beside me said she has five appointments ( a success ) .. I only have one … 😦  well I’ll just step up my damn game.. It will make time go by fast too .. he he I’m a fucking clown huh ….Because besides writing this to make time go by I am going to put it in my gosh darn BLOG and call it

work – time – blues 

I don’t think any of my appointments even went through the credit check damn man…

Uh oo I just got me another one hell yeah that makes 4 now not bad for it only being 7:00.. Earlier I said in here ( this piece of writing ) that I hate this job I really do not it’s not bad ..With the help of the ALL MIGHTY I will get through.. I just hope to get plenty of appointments set up.. I just wish time went by faster it’s 740 and I have 6 so I’m almost at my goal I set for my-self, which is ten..I wish I had something else to do like data entry or something I am dyeing to write..

10 mins till break than i have 2 hours till i go home can I make 10 appointments today ..We will see..!!

uggg it’s 927 I am ready to get the fuck outta here ….

well I made my ten and that mad my night better.. It’s not how miserable you were the whole night it’s how fast the last hour goes that makes your day good or shitty !!!


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