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Freedom is fake sayeth Israel

English: A two-ship of Israeli Air Force F-16s...

English: A two-ship of Israeli Air Force F-16s from Ramon Air Base, Israel, head out to the Nevada Test and Training Range, July 17 during Red Flag Exercise 09-4. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 have always loved the book of Daniel in the word of JAH.. I love when he says only bring me vegitables, no flesh of the swine or any other animal. Daniel told the king that he would be healthier than his own soliders of these veggies.. Daniel kept the faith and he outshined the kings men.. Praise be what a great story. What does that story teach a person who follows the Lord..

Tells us to have faith, to always come to JAH not only when you are in need but when an opertunity arises to show the power of the ALL-MIGHTY.. You see I know why The new age Israeli‘s are stealing land, the see it as their’s through the word of JAH.. And really they are right, but JAH does not want them to take it by harming others that have nothing to do with the conflict other than living there..

The new age ZIONESTS make their enemys hate our GOD.. It says pray for your enemy and I surley shall not for-sake you sayeth JAH LORD


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