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Thing I love about the times we live in is how we can have two lives,
(and I say  this with-out being a weirdo just hear me out ) our on-line and real life.. Every-one has the two who use computers it’s how deep our on-line persona is that makes it un-healthy. Now you have your people whose on-line life differs a great deal from reality. Then you have the ones who differs a great deal but only because they are so deep into a certain game they spend way too much time in that area of life, than there is me I differ a great deal but only because of games and my online life interacts with my reality. What I am saying is a enjoy a few games and I spend money at times to make my character or war base better but I don’t obsess over it… I am me when I speak with people on-line so that is one way my reality and on-line life react with each other.. Then you have people who just use face book and things like that and they may become a little different on-line than they are in reality , than you have the people who just check e-mail and maybe buy things..

I think it just makes life more interesting living in times like these, a dork can become super stud never even meet a hot girl in reality but talks to one across the country and they are even loyal to each other.. Their sex I guess would be porn and idk maybe phone sex. Thing is they are happy well I guess  they are they keep doing it. Life is great and it takes all kinds to make an earth, we have to let ppl bE them.

And that is the real reason for this post. I say no matter what if it’s not hurting you let your fellow human do them. If we make fun of or hurt someone for being them than we are hiding a few bones in the closet. I love life at times and I feel bad for people who do not have the social skills to get married at be happy in that way, feel loved is what I am saying. Now we have the internet and now they can have someone care even if they don’t  see them. Leave them alone I’ll tell you why…

They are the people who get fed up with life and start killing people ..




Cory Ondrejka of Second Life

Cory Ondrejka of Second Life (Photo credit: Esthr)


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