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I met me a group of Jehovah Witness people today who gave me a magazine with a good article that I read and wrote my train of thought on that article .. I am glad they showed up and I gave them this address to this blog.. I just wanted them to see  tis first cause one of the articles from the mag they gave I elaborated on.. 

Those people are on track, it’s just so annoying when they knock on doors.. But if you listen to them they are right on, and to top it they are organized religion with-out lots of the BS .. Even though I am my on temple and so are you but I do need to fellowship, no telling  what i may learn. Like today I read that and even though I knew the things they said, I learned it deeper and elaborated for my readers….

So that is that

I am going to try out their thing they have going on, cause I do like the lady and I think I can gain wisdom which I can apply to my walk with JAH.. Another thing I have been reading an ancient text by a Jew name SIRACH.. His book is focused on Wisdom and forgiveness of sin through well read his book.. But I will say this he is in the Catholic bible, as well as a few others. Look for bibles which have this in it


Soak that up and later I’ll tell you why they are not in all bibles.. 

peace my friends

the self-prophet 🙂

Now for the ladies who came to speak with me a the bus stop, beautiful thing is mam all my bus’s where late, if they were on time I would not have spoken with you !! Plus reading those books gave me as idea for the articale named sin.. THANK YOU LADIES


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