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Our world today is a world led by greed and selfishness. No matter who you are these emotions are dwelling inside of us, no matter WHO you are! The degree in which we handle or ignore these feelings sway us towards or away from sin.. Even things we look at as good could be driven by selfish ambition . So I was thinking depending on how we use our greed and selfishness, they may be good tools to use even for good not just bad..  Because with-out wanting something for our-selves could create laziness its human nature to want a reward, keeps one motivated.. But when it ( selfish tendencies ) get put before JAH‘s wants for us.. Like helping one in need, or even a few kind words towards someone gets forgotten because of our own selfish desires, that is when it becomes a problem.

When we start getting the things that we want us as humans like it as a matter of fact we love it.. And that there may create and it will the want for more and more money and possessions, and then the hunger for power comes about.. When money is in the picture the power game becomes more and more important to us. Money does not just buy physical things it brings you power or the illusion of power and just like with the desire for more money and possessions the even stronger desire for more power come into play.

By this time JAH is a fleeting thought in one’s mind, and helping somebody when it comes to interfering with your selfish power hungry ways just will not happen


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