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As you know prison and I have a long history. Watching a show on Angola than reading an article about the place,makes me wonder about propaganda. Angola has a lot of good programs that I wish were available for me. BUT!  Many of the programs are infested with snitches. I mean they have a rodeo that not everyone can attend.
The article I had read focused on an escape attempt. Two inmates were killed and so were two officers. Thing is there were inmates beaten just about to death for in my opinion not telling.
According to the article even the warden was firing at the escapes which where I was, was expected. So..
When watching the show I had thought to my self I’d rather had been there, I’m sure Angola does not just house MAXIMUM CUSTODY inmates and I hope with-out sounding like a bitch that ANGOLA OFFICER’S where just maxed out


and the warden took care of them,I say this because the programs there look like they help ppl go through the right path when they are released


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