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What now OO back there again? oo damn ?

You think being free is easy, I have watched show after show of x cons being locked up and let out and the most scared  look I seen  through out the whole gosh darn show is when they were being let out and it shouldn’t be that way.

You know why they were scared , no one prepared them for the Gosh DARN OUTSIDE THEY WERE THROWN OUT THERE AND EXPECTED TO MAKE IT.. and here is the kicker by doing the thing the only thing they know how.. Hustle aka break the fucking law.. How will they eat after the last at least 4 5 years they had been fed at a certain time. Now they must feed them selves. And the better find work fast cause the 45 bucks they get for being an inmate longer than 2 years is gonna be gone soon.. Than what.. Rob someone sell drugs.. They are getting hungry, is this really better than being locked up.. To the Con, sadly no it is not.. They have no clue how to survive out here being a honset person. and lets face it who really is honest and its all in who you know.. and if you know no one than what …



the pic was where i stayed for 18 months out of my 5


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