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ImageI do not understand depression I think I cause it my-self, but then again there is all this medicine out  to help you with it. Then again change in lifestyle is probably the best remedy.. WHAT DO YOU THINK?  My mind is in this picture right now. Incarcerated. Not free. but why, but how ? I need it to go away, its holding me back from EVERYTHING in life. I had all these dreams and goals when I was in the pen, but now that I am out I find it frustrating and way harder than it was before I was locked up to accomplish anything.. I know I could have a girlfriend, there is two girls now that I know I could be with and I mean that in the good way. What I must always keep in mind is that I made it, I’m free and I’m a good person. This isn’t just about me,it’s about I’d say at least 80% of us x cons. I just can not go back to my old ways, even though it gave me money it took my freedom. It’s a test that JAH JAH is putting us through. I know I’ll be fine but it’s the getting out of the bed part that is killing me, you know the first step. I can do things, I have in the past so I know I can now it’s my own laziness that is my biggest adversary… and knowing what the problem is is the first step…..!


2 responses to “depression is a bitch I tell ya !!

  1. Getting out of bed and finding the energy to face a new day is hard. This is the thing, with each new day there is a chance of recovery, healing, and hope.

    This is a really good song by Third Day. I hope it encourages you

    I have an encouragement blog you might want to visit. You can read my personal story by going to CATEGORY and scrolling down to MY BRAIN TUMOR STORY

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