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Home – less — maybe hopeless….

As I do my favorite morning thing  which is basically sitting here waiting on my friends and brain storm about writing.  I really enjoy doing my writing.  It’s a release
for me plus I’d like to get into the world what it is like to be a x con.  Most  of the X cons I know including myself just want to do the right thing looking for the right job. It’s very hard I want to go to work asap, but JAH may have other things to do for me . I just feel like a loser because even in prison I made it on my own. I’m glad that I have met some of the friends that I have met they’re great people. What I don’t really like is me! I want to take care of myself completely and that’s all I been writing about is jobs. I. Think because of my methadone I been lazy with things I should not. I see all these ppl that are making it. In life and here I sit, scared, scared to be like my dad.. I’ve not been doing what he did but I have my own issues.
I really like I said just make it in this messed up world… Will JAH allow me to make it or will I end up homeless … and hopeless….


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