and death looms i guess

The last 18 years of life for me had been spent on an island called Cape Hatteras.. Its a small island off the coast of North Carolina.. Its part of who I am .. We are from a part of the 60 mile long 1 mile wide island called kinnakeet. As of late I have been homesick.. I almost had a baby with a girl from there. I have lots of ties to that place, all my friends are there .

But I had been betrayed, my family does not want me to go there ever again.. I can not blame them for a local by the name of Andrew set me up o go to the pen.. and that my friend when you are betrayed by someone who grew up around you and where part of your trusted inner circle. It hurts deeply.. So I can’t go back at least not for a little while. I miss it. I miss my friends, thing is life goes on and I am out of site out o f mind.. I would feel that way to I guess but I just can’t get  in the swing around here .. My heart has been broken here as well… Death looms I guess..12 - 3



I am not one for believing in all quote un quote fortune tellers.  I do believe at certain times of the year we act or even feel different, another words we react in certain ways at certain times of the year. I don’t think there’s a certain model to go by I just think that our energies and pheromones  change at this time of the year and make us act and react  differently.I know that I get very irritable and lash out at times like I’m more angry in the winter. I mean its so intense that its noticeable. I know the Sun has vitamins in its existence. And they probably make us feel better even make us more confident. I feel like I’m more confident when the weather is warm. But when its cold I’m like a sad sack not wanting to do anything. I’m telling the weather really does help determine my moods. I hate to use the word luck so ill use the word blessed instead, summertime I’m definitely more blessed than I am in the winter. I also believe we reap what we sow so we bring on the stuff that’s coming to it including but not limited to mood and depression. So how do I control how do I make it better because I know every single winter things don’t go as good as I want. It’s like the winter time is my punishment for the summertime.So the winter is when I need to do good, help my enemy so when that old winter-time comes  my life harvest won’t be tainted…..

Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

The following was posted in my PRM Facebook group. I had to share ( with permission, of course!) with you all….

Via Keri Driver “My husband is an inmate at Avenal State Prison in Avenal, CA. He has managed to stay in school through correspondence courses despite trips to the “hole” and adverse transfers. He wrote this paper as one of his English 102 papers. I wanted to share so maybe the public would look at prisoners in a different light.”

The Reflections of an Inmate
By Thomas E. Driver
When members of society hear, see, or use the word “inmate”, it most often carries the image as being f lesser worth or value. The stereotypical depiction is negative, often fueling contempt, judgment, scorn and rejection from the majority of the members of society.
That is, until it enters a person’s personal life. The common response towards the word…

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Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

Via Solitary Watch Blog

As Christmas is celebrated in Incarceration Nation, it’s worth remembering certain things about the two figures who dominate this holiday.

As more than 3,000 Americans sit on death row, we revere the birth of a man who was arrested, “tried,” sentenced, and put to death by the state. The Passion is the story of an execution, and the Stations of the Cross trace the path of a Dead Man Walking.

Less well known is the fact that Saint Nicholas, the early Christian saint who inspired Santa Claus, was once a prisoner, like one in every 100 Americans today. Though he was beloved for his kindness and generosity, Nicholas acquired sainthood not only by giving alms, but in part by performing a miracle that more or less amounted to a prison break.

Nicholas was the 4th-century Greek Bishop of Myra (in present-day Turkey). Under…

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no words

i love to write even though at this time my keyboard is messed up and i have to copy n paste the a’s no shift keys. i could post on the  tablet but you know .. so im going to post pics n you can put your own words to them . I’ll write some things but this will be fun if we let it 


Here it is the twenty first

well in Washington DC its the 20th of December but in the eastern part of Asia it is the 21st. Everyone knows about that day So from now till 6am tomorrow DC time is the true twenty four hour period. Cause even though its 1am DC time it would be the 22 which is too late. So tomorrow six am DC time is 12 am the 22 new Zealand time which means humanity beat the fucking MAYAN BITCHS


Estrella Polar / North Star

Estrella Polar / North Star (Photo credit: Carlos Solana Contreras)

I love the mornings!!!! Most times I stand in my yard and star gaze! Yes star gaze, Love it so much I get upset when its cloudy like this morning. I think that this little hobby of mine is helping me cope with being lonely. The thing is I enjoy being alone to much. This star gazing is something I can share with others. Normally I get my coffie and look up at the sky,i have an app on my tablet tnat lets me see what stars are what as well as the constelations . I know thereis spelling errors thats is cause im on my i pad wanna be and it s being difficult. Yesterday morning i started my hunt for the NORTH STAR! With ots magnitude ( how bright a star is the higher the number the dimmer the star) When i was dating Cara and we delievered our papers it would still be dark and i loved that. Now that Ihave discovered star gazing I have a even better reason or should i just say a new reason to love the mornings. before i loved them just cause it made my soul happy i guess.The NORTH STAR keeps on avoiding me, today its the clouds, yesterday its cause hislook alike was out. You see one of the dippers points at the NORTH STAR but the star her-self is dim so u have to find the right dipper!!! What a pain in the butt,cause the right one is elusive as F- -k

Where u are in life

I wonder  why I’m not you’re typical 34 year old. I try to be a good dude and I am. But I. Have no job and I hate that my grandparents look after me money wise. I’m tired all the time and maybe its a circumstance of being over thinking life is stepping all over me! Watching this thing on prisons and jails. Knowing and hoping and laying life in the hands of the most high JAH.  Never do I wanna hurt my ppl again by being locked up even though at times I feel I’m better off because I look after my own self with the twenty dollars here and there from family. But its better than what they do now. Always given me money. But JAH says he has a mission for me!!!! I hope I don’t fail
                                                                                       The self prophet