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Estrella Polar / North Star

Estrella Polar / North Star (Photo credit: Carlos Solana Contreras)

I love the mornings!!!! Most times I stand in my yard and star gaze! Yes star gaze, Love it so much I get upset when its cloudy like this morning. I think that this little hobby of mine is helping me cope with being lonely. The thing is I enjoy being alone to much. This star gazing is something I can share with others. Normally I get my coffie and look up at the sky,i have an app on my tablet tnat lets me see what stars are what as well as the constelations . I know thereis spelling errors thats is cause im on my i pad wanna be and it s being difficult. Yesterday morning i started my hunt for the NORTH STAR! With ots magnitude ( how bright a star is the higher the number the dimmer the star) When i was dating Cara and we delievered our papers it would still be dark and i loved that. Now that Ihave discovered star gazing I have a even better reason or should i just say a new reason to love the mornings. before i loved them just cause it made my soul happy i guess.The NORTH STAR keeps on avoiding me, today its the clouds, yesterday its cause hislook alike was out. You see one of the dippers points at the NORTH STAR but the star her-self is dim so u have to find the right dipper!!! What a pain in the butt,cause the right one is elusive as F- -k


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