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I am not one for believing in all quote un quote fortune tellers.  I do believe at certain times of the year we act or even feel different, another words we react in certain ways at certain times of the year. I don’t think there’s a certain model to go by I just think that our energies and pheromones  change at this time of the year and make us act and react  differently.I know that I get very irritable and lash out at times like I’m more angry in the winter. I mean its so intense that its noticeable. I know the Sun has vitamins in its existence. And they probably make us feel better even make us more confident. I feel like I’m more confident when the weather is warm. But when its cold I’m like a sad sack not wanting to do anything. I’m telling the weather really does help determine my moods. I hate to use the word luck so ill use the word blessed instead, summertime I’m definitely more blessed than I am in the winter. I also believe we reap what we sow so we bring on the stuff that’s coming to it including but not limited to mood and depression. So how do I control how do I make it better because I know every single winter things don’t go as good as I want. It’s like the winter time is my punishment for the summertime.So the winter is when I need to do good, help my enemy so when that old winter-time comes  my life harvest won’t be tainted…..


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