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and death looms i guess

The last 18 years of life for me had been spent on an island called Cape Hatteras.. Its a small island off the coast of North Carolina.. Its part of who I am .. We are from a part of the 60 mile long 1 mile wide island called kinnakeet. As of late I have been homesick.. I almost had a baby with a girl from there. I have lots of ties to that place, all my friends are there .

But I had been betrayed, my family does not want me to go there ever again.. I can not blame them for a local by the name of Andrew set me up o go to the pen.. and that my friend when you are betrayed by someone who grew up around you and where part of your trusted inner circle. It hurts deeply.. So I can’t go back at least not for a little while. I miss it. I miss my friends, thing is life goes on and I am out of site out o f mind.. I would feel that way to I guess but I just can’t get  in the swing around here .. My heart has been broken here as well… Death looms I guess..12 - 3


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