I love living in the city of love! I don’t mean v-day love either… Heroin isn’t why i love the city its what it has made me into that i love b more for.. It made me realize drugs suck! Made me come to the conclusion that I am a strong guy that I can help ppl. This blog is about an X con X drug dealers life in Baltimore! I get my methadone so what im not selling or abusing it, so all you haters get the fuck over it

sttore on german nhill

the love I have for you dad.. when I see the wedding picture im saddened by the way Donna is with me.. Dad I love you and you love her so I would not tell her off, but… it bugs me
you love me so much so how, you know i do know how she feels, I felt the same and I loved the person but hated the .. you get it.. at least I nipped the bud ..
she didn’t it was a long time she dealt with me being a hurricane…i was wrong in how i acted but if  lifestyle had been different i would have never done the things that they let me i know it was wrong to be crazy like i was…. but she was in a whirl wind too, enjoying the buzz, how dare she judge me how dare she !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN Security Clearance

By Elise Labott

World powers plan to make Iran a “serious” offer of economic incentives at talks next week on its nuclear program, Western officials tell CNN.

In exchange for easing of sanctions barring trade with Iran in gold and other precious metals, the so-called P5+1 diplomatic bloc of countries wants Iran to shut its underground enrichment facility at Fordo, near the holy city of Qom and ship out its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20% purity, the officials said.

The group, comprised of Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, plans to deliver the offer at talks next Tuesday in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

READ: Iran installing advanced centrifuges ahead of talks

The offer presents a slightly revised package to the one presented to Iran last year during talks in Moscow, Baghdad and Istanbul, in which the group proposed fuel for a medical reactor and easing sanctions on aviation…

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one of the prisons they held me captive at

one of the prisons they held me captive at

As much as I try not to get angry with ppl I do!! I mean some people are just so stinking dumb, how can you not become angry with them. Thing is , anger is so negative   I have been having a problem here lately with being negative. So I have decided to be positive. Think in a positive manner, do positive things because as you know what you give this life, that is what life will give you .. I just have to keep reminding myself that.. I love to write as well as take pictures ,so that is one positive thing I am going  to do more, well two things.. Write and take and edit my pictures.. The way I look at things is like this… Our body is a vessel that holds good and bad.. The more bad the less good there is inside your heart.. To have a better life or should I say feel less dirty is simple replace the evil with good. At first its hard but just like with anything once you start it becomes a GOOD habit..

  Being negative is so much easier than being positive , does that tell you anything ?.. Let me put it this way , you can not have a nice house if you put no effort into getting  one .. Same thing with life, you put no effort into having a good one , then you get what is given, and that is usually shit..

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be great!!!! —- full and then you will be great

sitting at McDonalds thinking about lifesdeath aka living. As humans some times we feel as though we cannot live without somethings/ someone. But we really can live without. I think bout it a lot because i am not working, and i feel as though i cannot live without my gadget.. Really I can, I just don’t wanna. My point is, I should just be thankful I’m alive and get to spend time w/ the ones I love. It’s not true for all but I’m blessed and I know things will be great… DO YOU KNOW IT IF NOT PRAY
——SELF PROPHETbw-fake-weed1.jpg

mm mmm.. i see ..



Wow seeing how depressing some of my posts are I’d like to kick my self!! I’ve always despised those kind of bloggers.. !! Now i have become one of those people .. 

Thank God I am back into taking pictures because let me tell ya … I enjoy again .. lol For real though , I have to say if you’re going through something go get a hobby.. If ya feel kinda bla, go get a hobby, it’s the best medicine there is …. ( next to the wizard .. ) 

So…. Well… let me see here … Ravens World champs !!! I like that.. Well look not much I can  think to write on today people but ( not that I have a band a followers lol ) I’ll be writting more because I like posting pictures and its an excuse to do so..