McDonalds and me

Just me at Micky D’s . I come here everyday after I hit the “program”.. To wait on that stupid bus! Then off to Pops place to wait on the fake weed store to fucking open. I try not to be a junky but that spice (fake weed) helps my nerves.

people are quick to judge but in reality they trying to hide their own mis – comings.. So when u are judged, look to see who your accuser is.. then smile cause every minus is a future plus




Things ain’t cool when you’re walking the same street as a 2 year old and run across this little tid pit..Times have changed did we get very far … When will the children come to know love

It’s really up to us the children of the past..

Seems like it was yesterday, when worries came in the form of a phone call from a teacher or if such and such likes me … Not survival… and that is what it has become a fight just to survive and I tell ya if not for my grandma I dont know what I would do.. And even she is out for her self at times.. Love needs to be put in the air

I just think that we are doomed ya dig

find love and hold on tight

yours truly