is it ?? real….


So another day has come but not yet gone.

all I do is wonder, worry, and plan

about, who, over what..

This I just do not know.

I love but I hate

I cry yet I am the cause

When do we know

when do we know  


will it be okay. Will I be back

Am i really back 

do i really care

do you really care

what is caring 

Do I love again

I just do not know 



life just an interesting journey through times space in our Universe, yes I said our Universe like there is more.. Not sure why time-space has the red line under it like it’s spelled wrong. Time and space are the same because the universe is sooo large that when your actually looking back in time !! The light on most stars we see is over 100 light years away. Every-one knows what a light year is right.. lets assume so ! I just find that amazing an just ,well interesting ya dig..! 

Space-time is JAH‘s tool box or maybe supply chest is a better statement.. I am 34 years old and I wish that I never F’d up my adult years like I did because an author and scientist is what I should have been, though drugs stole the scientist  I think author could still be in the making.

Has JAH made other universes which in its self makes no sense since the word means one of well not sure but I know the un means one lol.. I’d rather not tell you something wrong than try and sound smarter and come off you not believing anything I say .. yah DIG

I am a strong believer in the teachings of King Jesus but that does not by any-sorts mean one can not beleive in evolution or things science has proven mind-boggling, just cause someone interpreted the word of JAH a certain way said thats “the way” and people wanna try and debunk science and be George hw Bush and say you are with us or against us