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3.jpgup in the ally !!!

the best pic

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I never know what to write. I want to keep my readers interested and be honest at the same time. And of course bring to the world what it is like to be an x con and in my opinion we are legally discriminated against especially in the job world. I love writing but at one point I loved being a criminal, I do not love that any more, but I still am me. Can you understand that. Being a criminal is a way of life, it’s a job. It fits ones personality but is it possible to want to do good but still be me, or shall I say DO RIGHT BUT BE ME . I am not evil I just do not agree with police and the war on drugs so that makes me a criminal. I do not want to swoitch sides but I want to do right. I no longer care aboput drugs such as cocaine and the others but ppl that want to do them should be alowed to fuck their life up.. Weed my friend shall be legal thing is when it isnt you have to go to the evil ppl to get it. Now the fake weed which I smoke so A) I stay away from bad ppl and B) I pass my piss tests.

but I think fake weed is worse than the real deal so what to do….