be great!!!! —- full and then you will be great

sitting at McDonalds thinking about lifesdeath aka living. As humans some times we feel as though we cannot live without somethings/ someone. But we really can live without. I think bout it a lot because i am not working, and i feel as though i cannot live without my gadget.. Really I can, I just don’t wanna. My point is, I should just be thankful I’m alive and get to spend time w/ the ones I love. It’s not true for all but I’m blessed and I know things will be great… DO YOU KNOW IT IF NOT PRAY
——SELF PROPHETbw-fake-weed1.jpg


life is a ( you fill in the blank )

So I finally have a camera. I write less when I can not add photos, at least new ones.
My life is starting to look up. I have decided to go to school to be a geriatric nursing aide so I can look after older ppl as my career. I love taking and editing pictures its a hobby I have enjoyed my whole life. Thing is how can I use it to bring being an x con or poor out to the service, the poor and X cons are treated. So stay tuned for more!!!