Its gone

Lifes death
But i came to win
Lifes gone..
Lifes dead?
But it cant be..
Without you
What can I do…
Lifes death
Gone and forgotten is the way
Lifes death…



sttore on german nhill

the love I have for you dad.. when I see the wedding picture im saddened by the way Donna is with me.. Dad I love you and you love her so I would not tell her off, but… it bugs me
you love me so much so how, you know i do know how she feels, I felt the same and I loved the person but hated the .. you get it.. at least I nipped the bud ..
she didn’t it was a long time she dealt with me being a hurricane…i was wrong in how i acted but if  lifestyle had been different i would have never done the things that they let me i know it was wrong to be crazy like i was…. but she was in a whirl wind too, enjoying the buzz, how dare she judge me how dare she !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where u are in life

I wonder  why I’m not you’re typical 34 year old. I try to be a good dude and I am. But I. Have no job and I hate that my grandparents look after me money wise. I’m tired all the time and maybe its a circumstance of being over thinking life is stepping all over me! Watching this thing on prisons and jails. Knowing and hoping and laying life in the hands of the most high JAH.  Never do I wanna hurt my ppl again by being locked up even though at times I feel I’m better off because I look after my own self with the twenty dollars here and there from family. But its better than what they do now. Always given me money. But JAH says he has a mission for me!!!! I hope I don’t fail
                                                                                       The self prophet

This is not a new me it’s just an extension of the old irritable version of my-self.. This ” new me ” is with-out love or hate. No feelings what-so-ever, is that what I want.. Na!! so the magic of feelings intercede and hate invades.. But we as a HUMAN CREATURE would have it no other way.. is this the feeling you get for destroying ones feelings.. NOOO I don’t like the pain.. Lover lover why so mean .. lol that was cool 

It hits me like a rock !!!!

Since this stupid new computer that actually kicks ass does not have a writing program my lap-top and the other desk top had, now my book is a little screwed.. But really no problem. We are going to print segments and I will re-write them so they can be edited, and don’t worry the plot is safe then. Yeah editing it by hand gives it more of the artist hand in it, and isn’t that what I really want. Than it’s much more up in my face. I can feel the words speaking to me and actually make sure the words are what the universe wants in my book, which I hope can help others.. Which besides the fact that ppl will be reading my art that is what I really want from this book. I want all you people out there who do not give a person out of prison or maybe someone who looks like a criminal a chance.. This book lets you into the world of a man who is yes an X con but the key letter is X.. No one wants to give people like me a try. ( even though I look nothing like a criminal)

Really that is also the point in this good old blog.. Anyone who reads my work or speaks to me likes me it’s a given. And it hits me like a rock when I see that ? on applications that I must fill out on-line. Yes that is right the old felony question.. Than u know what happens after that the application is not even taken seriously.. And that my followers is why you must look at the heart and take a risk. Australlia was a prison colony and look at them now ..

It hits me like a rock !!!!


So I have me a new job, which is great but it’s a very tough job in the field of sales. Not really my thing but I am selling appointment slots. So it’s not like I am selling used cars or insurance just appointments for our REP to sell you beds.. Not just any bed, and easy rest adjustable sleep unit. This job is a cut throat mean buisness. But really

our beds help many people with their ailments.

Now on to another subject. One I hit on often. CARA. Now when I last wrote I was going tpo send her a letter, but I did not and I am glad I didn’t. She has gone of the deep end !! Well I guess you could say she had been taking her meds and is opening up more. That medicine she has been taking made her so different she is not even the same girl I met. I guess that is another sad but true. I guess it helps her feel more comfy but to  me she acts like a loud mouth idiot. Maybe that is really her and the MEDS just allow it to come out.. Anyway glad it wasn’t out when I was with her cause this “new” Cara sucks and I am glad that I am away from her and that idiot kid,who when I was speaking with her I could hear the kid in the back cryiong and whinning over something .. THANK JAH NO MORE OF THAT CHILD, I HATE TO BE THAT WAY BUT DAMN..