Its gone

Lifes death
But i came to win
Lifes gone..
Lifes dead?
But it cant be..
Without you
What can I do…
Lifes death
Gone and forgotten is the way
Lifes death…




is it ?? real….


So another day has come but not yet gone.

all I do is wonder, worry, and plan

about, who, over what..

This I just do not know.

I love but I hate

I cry yet I am the cause

When do we know

when do we know  


will it be okay. Will I be back

Am i really back 

do i really care

do you really care

what is caring 

Do I love again

I just do not know 








I love living in the city of love! I don’t mean v-day love either… Heroin isn’t why i love the city its what it has made me into that i love b more for.. It made me realize drugs suck! Made me come to the conclusion that I am a strong guy that I can help ppl. This blog is about an X con X drug dealers life in Baltimore! I get my methadone so what im not selling or abusing it, so all you haters get the fuck over it

one of the prisons they held me captive at

one of the prisons they held me captive at

As much as I try not to get angry with ppl I do!! I mean some people are just so stinking dumb, how can you not become angry with them. Thing is , anger is so negative   I have been having a problem here lately with being negative. So I have decided to be positive. Think in a positive manner, do positive things because as you know what you give this life, that is what life will give you .. I just have to keep reminding myself that.. I love to write as well as take pictures ,so that is one positive thing I am going  to do more, well two things.. Write and take and edit my pictures.. The way I look at things is like this… Our body is a vessel that holds good and bad.. The more bad the less good there is inside your heart.. To have a better life or should I say feel less dirty is simple replace the evil with good. At first its hard but just like with anything once you start it becomes a GOOD habit..

  Being negative is so much easier than being positive , does that tell you anything ?.. Let me put it this way , you can not have a nice house if you put no effort into getting  one .. Same thing with life, you put no effort into having a good one , then you get what is given, and that is usually shit..

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I am not one for believing in all quote un quote fortune tellers.  I do believe at certain times of the year we act or even feel different, another words we react in certain ways at certain times of the year. I don’t think there’s a certain model to go by I just think that our energies and pheromones  change at this time of the year and make us act and react  differently.I know that I get very irritable and lash out at times like I’m more angry in the winter. I mean its so intense that its noticeable. I know the Sun has vitamins in its existence. And they probably make us feel better even make us more confident. I feel like I’m more confident when the weather is warm. But when its cold I’m like a sad sack not wanting to do anything. I’m telling the weather really does help determine my moods. I hate to use the word luck so ill use the word blessed instead, summertime I’m definitely more blessed than I am in the winter. I also believe we reap what we sow so we bring on the stuff that’s coming to it including but not limited to mood and depression. So how do I control how do I make it better because I know every single winter things don’t go as good as I want. It’s like the winter time is my punishment for the summertime.So the winter is when I need to do good, help my enemy so when that old winter-time comes  my life harvest won’t be tainted…..

Where u are in life

I wonder  why I’m not you’re typical 34 year old. I try to be a good dude and I am. But I. Have no job and I hate that my grandparents look after me money wise. I’m tired all the time and maybe its a circumstance of being over thinking life is stepping all over me! Watching this thing on prisons and jails. Knowing and hoping and laying life in the hands of the most high JAH.  Never do I wanna hurt my ppl again by being locked up even though at times I feel I’m better off because I look after my own self with the twenty dollars here and there from family. But its better than what they do now. Always given me money. But JAH says he has a mission for me!!!! I hope I don’t fail
                                                                                       The self prophet


life just an interesting journey through times space in our Universe, yes I said our Universe like there is more.. Not sure why time-space has the red line under it like it’s spelled wrong. Time and space are the same because the universe is sooo large that when your actually looking back in time !! The light on most stars we see is over 100 light years away. Every-one knows what a light year is right.. lets assume so ! I just find that amazing an just ,well interesting ya dig..! 

Space-time is JAH‘s tool box or maybe supply chest is a better statement.. I am 34 years old and I wish that I never F’d up my adult years like I did because an author and scientist is what I should have been, though drugs stole the scientist  I think author could still be in the making.

Has JAH made other universes which in its self makes no sense since the word means one of well not sure but I know the un means one lol.. I’d rather not tell you something wrong than try and sound smarter and come off you not believing anything I say .. yah DIG

I am a strong believer in the teachings of King Jesus but that does not by any-sorts mean one can not beleive in evolution or things science has proven mind-boggling, just cause someone interpreted the word of JAH a certain way said thats “the way” and people wanna try and debunk science and be George hw Bush and say you are with us or against us