one of the prisons they held me captive at

one of the prisons they held me captive at

As much as I try not to get angry with ppl I do!! I mean some people are just so stinking dumb, how can you not become angry with them. Thing is , anger is so negative   I have been having a problem here lately with being negative. So I have decided to be positive. Think in a positive manner, do positive things because as you know what you give this life, that is what life will give you .. I just have to keep reminding myself that.. I love to write as well as take pictures ,so that is one positive thing I am going  to do more, well two things.. Write and take and edit my pictures.. The way I look at things is like this… Our body is a vessel that holds good and bad.. The more bad the less good there is inside your heart.. To have a better life or should I say feel less dirty is simple replace the evil with good. At first its hard but just like with anything once you start it becomes a GOOD habit..

  Being negative is so much easier than being positive , does that tell you anything ?.. Let me put it this way , you can not have a nice house if you put no effort into getting  one .. Same thing with life, you put no effort into having a good one , then you get what is given, and that is usually shit..

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Where u are in life

I wonder  why I’m not you’re typical 34 year old. I try to be a good dude and I am. But I. Have no job and I hate that my grandparents look after me money wise. I’m tired all the time and maybe its a circumstance of being over thinking life is stepping all over me! Watching this thing on prisons and jails. Knowing and hoping and laying life in the hands of the most high JAH.  Never do I wanna hurt my ppl again by being locked up even though at times I feel I’m better off because I look after my own self with the twenty dollars here and there from family. But its better than what they do now. Always given me money. But JAH says he has a mission for me!!!! I hope I don’t fail
                                                                                       The self prophet

What now OO back there again? oo damn ?

You think being free is easy, I have watched show after show of x cons being locked up and let out and the most scared  look I seen  through out the whole gosh darn show is when they were being let out and it shouldn’t be that way.

You know why they were scared , no one prepared them for the Gosh DARN OUTSIDE THEY WERE THROWN OUT THERE AND EXPECTED TO MAKE IT.. and here is the kicker by doing the thing the only thing they know how.. Hustle aka break the fucking law.. How will they eat after the last at least 4 5 years they had been fed at a certain time. Now they must feed them selves. And the better find work fast cause the 45 bucks they get for being an inmate longer than 2 years is gonna be gone soon.. Than what.. Rob someone sell drugs.. They are getting hungry, is this really better than being locked up.. To the Con, sadly no it is not.. They have no clue how to survive out here being a honset person. and lets face it who really is honest and its all in who you know.. and if you know no one than what …



the pic was where i stayed for 18 months out of my 5


As you know prison and I have a long history. Watching a show on Angola than reading an article about the place,makes me wonder about propaganda. Angola has a lot of good programs that I wish were available for me. BUT!  Many of the programs are infested with snitches. I mean they have a rodeo that not everyone can attend.
The article I had read focused on an escape attempt. Two inmates were killed and so were two officers. Thing is there were inmates beaten just about to death for in my opinion not telling.
According to the article even the warden was firing at the escapes which where I was, was expected. So..
When watching the show I had thought to my self I’d rather had been there, I’m sure Angola does not just house MAXIMUM CUSTODY inmates and I hope with-out sounding like a bitch that ANGOLA OFFICER’S where just maxed out


and the warden took care of them,I say this because the programs there look like they help ppl go through the right path when they are released

It hits me like a rock !!!!

Since this stupid new computer that actually kicks ass does not have a writing program my lap-top and the other desk top had, now my book is a little screwed.. But really no problem. We are going to print segments and I will re-write them so they can be edited, and don’t worry the plot is safe then. Yeah editing it by hand gives it more of the artist hand in it, and isn’t that what I really want. Than it’s much more up in my face. I can feel the words speaking to me and actually make sure the words are what the universe wants in my book, which I hope can help others.. Which besides the fact that ppl will be reading my art that is what I really want from this book. I want all you people out there who do not give a person out of prison or maybe someone who looks like a criminal a chance.. This book lets you into the world of a man who is yes an X con but the key letter is X.. No one wants to give people like me a try. ( even though I look nothing like a criminal)

Really that is also the point in this good old blog.. Anyone who reads my work or speaks to me likes me it’s a given. And it hits me like a rock when I see that ? on applications that I must fill out on-line. Yes that is right the old felony question.. Than u know what happens after that the application is not even taken seriously.. And that my followers is why you must look at the heart and take a risk. Australlia was a prison colony and look at them now ..

It hits me like a rock !!!!