be great!!!! —- full and then you will be great

sitting at McDonalds thinking about lifesdeath aka living. As humans some times we feel as though we cannot live without somethings/ someone. But we really can live without. I think bout it a lot because i am not working, and i feel as though i cannot live without my gadget.. Really I can, I just don’t wanna. My point is, I should just be thankful I’m alive and get to spend time w/ the ones I love. It’s not true for all but I’m blessed and I know things will be great… DO YOU KNOW IT IF NOT PRAY
——SELF PROPHETbw-fake-weed1.jpg



So I have me a new job, which is great but it’s a very tough job in the field of sales. Not really my thing but I am selling appointment slots. So it’s not like I am selling used cars or insurance just appointments for our REP to sell you beds.. Not just any bed, and easy rest adjustable sleep unit. This job is a cut throat mean buisness. But really

our beds help many people with their ailments.

Now on to another subject. One I hit on often. CARA. Now when I last wrote I was going tpo send her a letter, but I did not and I am glad I didn’t. She has gone of the deep end !! Well I guess you could say she had been taking her meds and is opening up more. That medicine she has been taking¬†made her so different she is not even the same girl I met. I guess that is another sad but true. I guess it helps her feel more comfy but to¬† me she acts like a loud mouth idiot. Maybe that is really her and the MEDS just allow it to come out.. Anyway glad it wasn’t out when I was with her cause this “new” Cara sucks and I am glad that I am away from her and that idiot kid,who when I was speaking with her I could hear the kid in the back cryiong and whinning over something .. THANK JAH NO MORE OF THAT CHILD, I HATE TO BE THAT WAY BUT DAMN..